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Organize projects visually

Summarize sets of work as visual grids organized by Slack channel. Craft your project's story and visual flow. Collaborate seamlessly in real-time with teammates across Slack and Paste. Drag items to rearrange the grid.

Review work together

Discuss work and move ideas forward. Give feedback with fully-synced Slack threads and messages. Present work anytime as full-screen walkthroughs in-person or with remote people around the world. Iterate on ideas and get things done.

Drag and drop images, videos, nearly any file attachment. Copy and paste URLs as link previews. Add formatted text and bullet points for flavor and context. Share your work securely online. Zoom, pan, and scroll through work in a breeze.

Think fast

Stay in the loop

Push it further

Show work without all the fuss. Iterate. Be nimble.

Keep everyone on the same page. Share progress.

Make space to create. Move ideas forward.

Connect with Slack

and manage team access and permissions.

Comment on any slide to generate a threaded discussion in Slack that syncs back with Paste.

Assign a slide in Paste to a teammate and send a Slack direct message to notify the assignee.

@mention any teammate on a slide to send a Slack direct message and notify them of the mention.

Share decks and individual slides directly to your Slack channel or via direct message. 

Organize all your decks by your team's Slack channels—public and private.

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Design Review

Review your latest flows with your feature team. 

Product Plan

Brainstorm and review the plan for the next release. 

Marketing Campaign

Build a roadmap the whole team can get behind.

Show work of all kinds

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